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ProxMate - Proxy manager on steroids

No more messing around with proxy settings. Access what you want, through whatever server you want, when you want.

Each website is a package, each package is optional.

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Why pick ProxMate?


Enjoy a service faster than any proxy

ProxMate doesn't care about your regular surfings. And we don't need to! We touch only the bits we have to touch to give you a blockless experience! Faster than any VPN - hands down.


Run what you need, not more!

Don't want to install stuff you don't need? Bloated proxy rules you don't know what they are doing? Worry not! ProxMate allows you to pick exactly what you need, fully transparent! No hidden stuff!

Super secure

SSL will stay SSL

No, we won't touch your SSL connection or any bit of it. We don't serve, manipulate or break any tunnel connections with any other server. Everything you surf will go where you want it to go.

Open Source

No secrets!

"These pesky extensions! You never know what they are actually doing!" - says no ProxMate user ever. ProxMate is being developed open source, showing you all the stuff under the hood.

Support guaranteed

Our support bees will help you!

Stuck? Don't know what to do? Something is not working? Pssshhh, don't say it too loud. Our support bees are wild animals, hunting every support request down.

Love included

Can you guess our secret to success?

ProxMate is built and injected with high quality love. No, not the stuff you find on the streets, no! Our love is happy and full of joy, bringing you a awesome product!